Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book Review: Archetypes by Caroline Myss

I received a free review copy of this book from Hay House, wasn't paid or influenced in any way. My honest opinion of this book is that it is a 5 star read. One of the things I really like about Caroline Myss is that she pulls no punches. If you're looking for spiritual truth and universal laws, you won't get them with a candy coating and side dish of "woo woo" from her. Archetypes is a fantastic book, and a subject she has put years of thought and study into. If you've ever had that feeling that you weren't living up to your full potential, or life is passing you by; learning about your archetypes could be of great benefit to you. For instance, I learned something I'd never considered. I've based many of my major decisions on the fear of humiliation. Up until now, it has never occurred to me to view failure as a "badge of courage", but it's certainly a more productive and empowering perspective. Caroline Myss explains the ten most common archetypes, and how most of us are some combination of 2 or 3. The website offers a test to learn where your particular leanings lie. I was pretty surprised at the results I got. Archetypes is a thought provoking, life enhancing book. This is much deeper than most self-help books are willing to go.

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