Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A healthy amount of skepticism when dealing with so called channeled material isn't a bad thing. There's lots of junk out there. Mostly, the junk ones, rehash trite platitudes while taking a really long time to deliver the same old new age message of oneness and all you need is wuv. That said, when the message can resonate so deeply with you, that you don't care who wrote it or how; well then it stands on its own.

The concepts presented in Solomon Speaks, while not necessarily new to anyone following the consciousness movement, new thought, new age, whatever, are presented in a unique light. Perhaps light isn't the best word to use, as Solomon shows no mercy in dealing with gurus and healers of the white lighter variety who "do it for the applause." I love the idea he speaks about, that the very word "healing" implies that one is somehow wrong or bad, and needs to be made better. If you are interested in energy healing, Qigong, or Reiki, I think you will love this book.

I also think anyone in any of the healing arts could enjoy this book if they can get past the channeling and the energy work stuff. At the risk of sounding trite, this book requires you read it from the heart and not the head. I received this book free, for review purposes from Hay House, was not paid for my opinion, and this is my honest assessment of this book.

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