Thursday, June 30, 2011

Creating Strength

Strength is created when you encounter heavy resistance, push the barriers of your comfort zone, but stop short of injury. That's part one. Part two involves resting, and healing, and the third part of the equation is growing.

Many strength trainees and bodybuilders don't realize that healing and growing are 2 different things. A muscle needs to recover before it can grow. A broken bone can't get stronger until it mends back together and heals. I don't mean to harp on it, but it is an important concept. If you truly get it, it can change everything.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don't weigh and measure yourself constantly, UNLESS you're really serious about changing the shape and condition of your body.

Transforming the body is usually about transforming the mindset as well. Some people weigh themselves often, and get discouraged and quit often. The trick is to change the way you're looking at it. A sculptor looks at a block of stone, but while he's looking at it he sees what lies beneath. Use the bathroom scale, bodyfat measuring calipers, and measuring tape to chart your progress. Be honest about where you're at, but focus on where you're going, and how awesome you'll feel when you get there. Also, allow yourself to enjoy the journey. Be happy with where you are, because if you think you can't be happy until you've reached your goal then chances are you're never going to be happy.