Friday, October 4, 2013

Meditation, Medi- as in Medicine

Not a popular idea, because it doesn't necessarily sell well, but I believe meditation is the most important exercise you will ever do, and if you skip a day, any other exercise you do that day will have a diminished return on your time invested.

Stress is the number 1 killer on the planet, stop pretending like it isn't.

Here's a free guided meditation:

___Sit down, BE quiet. For a little while just BE.___

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Eldon Taylor's new book Choices and Illusions is a fascinating study of the human mind. It goes beyond what most motivational or inspirational leaders teach. If you are a person who is serious about improving some area of your life, you'll benefit greatly from Choices and Illusions. By focusing on how the mind relates to perceptions and behaviors, the reader is educated in the how and why it can be difficult to change. Some of this is heady stuff. I found myself having to reread sections, several times, but didn't mind at all because the writing is brilliant and thought provoking. The idea that our subconcious belief patterns hold us in check, and prevent us from achieving what we truly want, is something everyone should take a look at. The book comes with a CD of Eldon Taylor's patented Innertalk technology. A 55 minute program entitled Unlimited Personal Power. I've been using it for about 4 days, a little early to say so, but I do feel maybe a bit more confident and hopeful. As a daily meditator, and someone who's been using subliminal technologies going back to Robert Monroe's original Hemisync tapes, I have to say it certainly hastens me into a deeper trance state than any of the other technologies on the market today. This book is worth taking a look at if you're curious, but especially if you're serious about taking control of your life and the mind that colors it, even when you're not looking. I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing. I wasn't paid for my opinion, it's mine alone. I suggest you read Choices and Illusions (2013 edition) to develop an opinion of your own.

Loving Life and Having a Blast

11 days until my 2nd marathon. I'm psyched. I'm ready. Still want to lose a couple pounds. Last year I ran in the "Clydesdale Division." That's the name they decided on for men over 200 pounds. What? Couldn't they think of a more degrading name? Overweight women get to run in the "Athena Division." Much cooler name. If the "Clydesdale's" were "Zeuse's" I'd be at the Chinese restaurant right now, not worrying about this dumb stuff.

As it stands, I got the scale down to 199. Only one pound lighter than a "Clydesdale", but it's 10 pounds lighter than I was last year. I'm thinking positive, and doing my affirmations. They say we teach what we most need to learn in this life. And I know, I'll "See it when I believe it" as Dr. Wayne Dyer says. All seriousness aside, though, I really am loving life lately. I've got some great personal training clients I'm working with. They're getting fast results, as I'm hammering away on mindset and perspective. If you really want to change your body shape, and/or your health it isn't just the one hour workout, it's what you do the other 23 hours each day.

Although the scale could be nicer to me, I can't complain about my training results. I can fit into my "skinny jeans." I read somewhere that real men don't have skinny jeans. That is a bunch of B.S. Next thing you know, they'll be saying that real men don't shave their legs!