Monday, July 19, 2010


Mark Twain said that secret to life is to "make your vocation, your vacation." Like most Connecticut Yankees the guy was brilliant. Doing what you love for a living is a real blessing. And I hardly feel like I need a vacation. My life is like an endless string of Saturday mornings. I get to jump out of bed each morning and train myself and others in the arts of Strength, Power, and Energy.

However, we have a family tradition of traveling, and camping for two weeks every summer. So me, my boys, and my girl will be bonding and having a blast for the next few days. I've posted a countdown clock at the top of this page, just to prove (to Lisa)that I won't be gone forever.

If you're a client of mine, or a potential client don't hesitate to call my cellphone if you need me for any reason. I can't be sure I'll have network coverage, but I'll check my messages every time I venture through civilization.

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