Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Michael Bernard Beckwith's Transcendance Expanded

You might have seen Michael Bernard Beckwith on Oprah, or experienced his dynamic presence in the film that brought the law of attraction mainstream, The Secret. He's the Founder and Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, but he's much more than a preacher. He is a man of God. Now I don't say that lightly. I've spent much of my life running from the idea of God. The concept of God I was raised on, was a God of rules and submission to his will and his word. If you weren't with him, you were against him, and you were screwed. Eternal hellfire damnation awaited those who didn't accept the gift of salvation. That's not the kind of God you're going to find in Transcendance Expanded, nor will you find anything here blasphemous or at odds with scriptures. The book is made up of eight lessons, that explore the idea of universal spiritual truths, and a God who offers true free will without judgment. He speaks of how to unify yourself with the creative energy that formed all that is, while retaining your unique individuality and perspective. You learn that the divine energy wants to be used, not obeyed. Your Belief System, or B.S., as The Rev so poignantly puts it, cannot comprehend the greatness of the creative force. We are the universe becoming aware of itself, and we might as well accept our greatness, he says. The CD is something else out of this world. It contains musical versions of the 8 Transcendance talks produced by some of the best in the music industry, with Beckwith delivering lines with a passionate punch, in a style described as Rhythm and Joy. Both the book and the music offer a unique and positive vibrational lift. There really is some magic here worth checking out. On a side note, as a personal trainer who loves to exercise, the CD is exceptional in that it can bring positive energy into the weight room, cardio machines, or burn it to mp3 and take it on a run. It can definitely bring some empowerment and vitality to your workouts. I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes.

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