Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I've read several books on the subject of meditation, and this is one of the best. The author does a great job of making

deep meditative states understandable and accessible without getting too wordy or guru-ish. If you'd like to learn

meditation, but find you just can't quiet your mind, then this is the book you're looking for. I'd also recommend it to

anyone who has been meditating for awhile, and would like to explore new techniques. I, personally, found the chapters on

stillness and putting things in context to be the most profound and helpful. Sandy Newbigging has created a great system

in Mind Calm, and you can't help but be changed by this book. I was given a copy of Mind Calm by the kind folks at Hay

House Publishing for review purposes. I was not paid for my opinion, and it is my honest assessment of the work.

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