Wednesday, January 7, 2015

There's nothing you can criticize or not love about this children's book. Great ideas, cool art, bright colors, but best of all it empowers kids. Positive thinking, self-reliance and acceptance, taking care of others; all are spoken of in a fun, interesting way. What my son enjoyed most was the detail in the art. Because of the many animals that live with Chris and Len, there's a lot going on, a lot you don't notice right away. So it makes the book fun to just sit with awhile and bond with your kid. If you liked the first Chris P. Bacon book, this is a no-brainer, you'll love this one too. I was hesitant to admit that I'm so left brain oriented, that after reading and reviewing the first Chris P. Bacon book, I totally missed the fact that his name is a pun. Doh! However, learning to not take yourself too seriously is one of the lessons the new book teaches. Great lesson for a kid of any age. I received a free, review copy of the book from Hay House. I wasn't financially compensated in any way, and the opinion expressed in this review is my honest assessment.

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