Thursday, October 15, 2015

With such an ominous title as The Power of Death, how could I pass up the opportunity to write a review of this book? Though not entirely an easy read, Gabriel Dee's book probes deeply into the unknown experience we are all destined to one day face. This book is a wonderful companion to your daily meditation practice. We don't have to be paralyzed by our fear of death. We can move beyond fear into understanding, and it's not as difficult as that may sound. It's as easy as understanding the rhythm of our own breath. This is serious subject matter, but easily integrated into daily life. I hesitate to use the term "one liners", but Mr. Dee has several succinct, beautiful quotes peppered throughout the book that will stick to your consciousness. If you've never had a near-death, a close call, or a Satori experience; not to worry, the author has written some ideas and techniques to help bring you to that powerful place of living in the present moment and harnessing the power of death itself to improve your life. I received a free review copy of this book, I was not paid for this review, it reflects my honest opinion.

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