Monday, March 25, 2013

Scared Straight!

If you never saw it, Scared Straight was a documentary film, and program in the 70's where they took a bunch of troubled teens and dropped them off in a maximum security prison for a day. It was an interesting idea. The special edition dvd release a few years back caught up with many of the teens, now middle aged adults. Most had turned their lives around and owed it all to the Scared Straight program.

Fear can be debilitating or enlightening. Somebody asked Bill Phillips when is the best time to completely transform your health and fitness, and his answer was something like 'after your first heart attack.' Fear can motivate, and put things in perspective. Over the weekend I had another old friend die unexpectedly. Heart attack from what I've heard. That's the second friend in six months, close to my age that died without warning, and heart related.

As a personal trainer, I understand the motivational fear around the humiliation of getting in shape for swimsuit season. However, the health and fitness levels you can't see are much more important.

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