Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stuart Wilde Passed Away May 1st

So utterly sad right now. I just heard the news that Stuie passed away of a sudden heart attack on May 1st. Of all the authors and teachers I've studied, nobody pushed the boundaries more. His contribution to the consciousness movement is vastly underrated. His work is directly responsible for the failure of my Athiesm, my leaning more towards a Taoist philosophy, and the most bizarre, mind blowing mystical experiences I have ever been through. I feel very fortunate that I got to attend one of his final seminars in '07. Stuart was one of those rare souls who had totally integrated his dark and light qualities. He was a beautiful, peaceful soul who could spin on a dime and scare the living shit out of you any second. I highly, highly, highly recommend you read his classic Silent Power. It is an amazing book. He angered a lot of people in his later years, but he always followed his heart and walked his talk more than any other teacher I've ever heard of. His final blog entry sounds suspiciously like goodbye. He will be greatly missed, but like all energy he will never be destroyed, but live on in different forms. I'm very grateful for the life this man led.

At the Window of Tomorrow | Stuart Wilde | The Official Author Website

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