Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fat Clothes

This is an idea I got from Dr. Phil. By the way, WFSB Hartford, I'll never forgive you for replacing the Doc with that local Better Connecticut show(unless you have me on as a guest. Then Maybe.)

Dr. Phil says to either throw out or donate your old "fat clothes." Once you can't fit into them, get rid of them. That way if you pack on a few extra pounds, you won't slip into something more comfortable. You'll either have to lose the weight, or go shopping. Another accountability trick I like to use when losing bodyfat is to buy clothes you can't fit into yet. I didn't invent it, I think it was created by a woman in a yogurt commercial. It's fun though. I have a pair of Rocky shorts, the black and gold ones from the last movie, that I'm going to fit into by the time summer gets here.

Another fun thing to do after you've lost a lot of weight is to go hunting through the closet and find something you thought you'd never fit into again. I'll never forget when I found my old Army jacket, put it on and zipped it up all the way. It felt like I'd grown younger.

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