Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Healthy Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding has gotten a bad rep over the years. Some think of drug taking muscle-monsters whenever they hear the word. Bodybuilding, however, is a healthy hobby, and a lifestyle that delivers huge returns. I think it's important to seek a balance. It doesn't have to be about bicep peaks, and washboard abs, competition, or corporate sponsorships. You can lift, because you love life, and want to stick around the party as long as possible in a healthy body. Like yoga, it has more to do with feeling than appearance.

Growth is the ultimate goal. Pumping the 'ol iron can help you grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally, just be safe. Bodybuilding is a great tool for enhancing one's life, but it can also consume it. Weighttraining can become an addiction and turn a good thing bad. I knew a guy once who was seriously overtraining and eventually left the gym in an ambulance. Consequently, he couldn't use his right arm for about eight months. Don't be like that guy.

I see bodybuilding entering a new age. An age where mystique will be replaced by simple, effective strategies. Watching the champions of old grow older is partly responsible. Role models like Frank Zane are proving that bodybuilding, proper mindset, and nutrition are an effective fountain of youth. Growing older is a gift, and growing is what it's all about right?

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