Saturday, December 15, 2012

21 Days to Master Affirmations ebook Louise Hay's teachings are so simple, and yet so easy to overlook that when you suddenly "get it", they can really knock you for a loop. This is a great presentation of her empowering ideas. By making a step each day, for 3 weeks, you can really travel some distance and improve your life. Many people scoff at the idea of affirmations. However, most would admit to having a self-talk, or an internal dialog running in their heads that can turn painful and unproductive pretty easily. We can create powerful lives, when we step up and take control of, really, the only thing we ever can control, our own thoughts. I think Louise is one of the most important teachers we've ever had.
Running, power-lifting, bodybuilding... whatever kind of training you're into, affirmations can take you to higher, and higher places. You have to dream it, before you achieve it, and you also have to believe it. A couple years ago, I noticed that Louise's affirmation and mirror work, coincides nicely with Arnold Schwarzenegger's affirmation and mirror work, as written about in his classic Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. If you're interested in getting a copy of that massive tome, I'd suggest ebay, and also try to get the most current edition.

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