Sunday, December 30, 2012

Start Smart to Finish Strong

It breaks my heart to see overweight, out of shape people trying to run, or hurting themselves doing P90xInsanity or anything else their body isn't ready for. There is a beautiful, not so subtle energy of the new year, that you can tap into and use to your advantage. But, I'd advise being smart about it. Too much too soon will result in injury and failure to achieve goals. In 2006 I lost over 75 lbs in 4 months. I started with changing my mindset. I did very little exercise. Sounds counterproductive for a personal trainer to say such a thing, but that's the truth. I eventually began doing Tai Chi/Qigong, and a lot of walking, but the first month I didn't do anything but work on changing my beliefs about my body image and creating a more productive nutrition plan. Diets do work, but they're not sustainable for long, so I suggest creating a new way of eating, and making your relationship with food one where you're in control, not your hormones. A good way to start is to limit your sugar intake to less than 6-9 grams per meal. That's not that extreme, and will help break your sugar addiction, and if you're reading this there's a good chance you most certainly are a sugar addict. It's just more likely than not, nowadays.
Another reason to fix mindset and nutrition first, is the way your body will begin to clean itself or detox. If you're severely obese, you need to work with your doctor. Years of stored toxins are going to be released from your system when you start eating clean, healthy food. That's why when people diet they feel sick before they feel healthy. Take it slow, and do it smart by educating yourself, and speaking to your doctor. Don't believe sh*t you read on the internet, even question what I'm saying, because nobody knows you better than you. It's your life, your choice, you can do this. Start smart if you want to go the distance. You can create a new healthier body, but you have to take it slow. It's a moment by moment trip. You can't lose 50 right now, but if you pay attention and follow a good plan, you can healthily lose a few pounds each week. In the beginning it's mostly going to be water weight. The numbers should drop to 2-4 pounds a week after the first few weeks. Don't be discouraged. Make a game of it. Join, or create a competition. Find a way to make it fun, and you've greatly improved your odds. Most important of all believe in yourself. Especially when you fall. Dust yourself off, and get back on track quick as you can. You deserve to be healthy and happy in a fit, strong body.

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