Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Review of Heavy Duty II: Mind and Body by Mike Mentzer

The late Mike Mentzer remains a bodybuilding legend, and his inspiring, brilliant writings survive thanks to the efforts of Joanne Sharkey. The Heavy Duty series is available at I've been wanting to read this series for years, but haven't been able to afford the outlandish price asked on amazon, and elsewhere, for used copies. That said, after reading Heavy Duty II: Mind and Body, I can see why people were willing to spend close to $200 for a copy of this book. The philosophy of Objectivism Mr. Mentzer describes may not appeal to everyone, but you can't argue with the logic he applies to High Intensity Training. This book was released almost twenty years ago, yet it's shocking how timely it is. Today over-training is almost a subset of bodybuilding and fitness training. Mike had the principles and integrity to ask the questions back then, that people need to start asking again. He makes thought provoking parallels between training and the study of stress physiology. There are concepts in this book that will greatly benefit anyone serious about building their body and mind.

I'll grow into it

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